Violin / Violin Ensemble Lessons

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Why learn the fiddle?

What’s it called when you pluck the strings?
How do you hold the violin up without your hands?

All Arts Academy will give you those answers and a whole lot more in your lessons. Our passionate staff will teach you draw out beautiful sounds, spiccatos and shifts in no time. Whatever your needs, we give you the skills to become the next virtuoso violinist, play with your school band/orchestra or simply for your own leisure.

We also offer violin ensemble. It is designed for AAA violin students who have been learning for a while and are looking to expand their skills and learn how to play in a group environment.

Violin hire also available – all sizes.

Benefits of Violin / Violin Ensemble Lessons:

Violin Technique: Bowing, Stance, Balance, Shifts, Phrasing and Spiccato
Work shopping and showcasing violin skills and techniques in a group and performance environment.
Learning how to play confidently and comfortably with other musicians
Performance opportunities
Learning in a social environment
Teamwork skills

What’s covered?

Violin Technique: Bowing, Stance, Balance, Shifts, Phrasing and Spiccato
Perfecting hand positions
Posture correction
Mastering Vibrato and Trill
Developing flawless harmonics
Exposure to Classical, Jazz, Pop and Folk genres
Acquiring confidence and performance skills
Scales: Technical work, major and minor scales, arpeggios and double stops
Ensemble Technique: Playing as part of an orchestra, trio, quartet and accompaniment
Concerts: Regular performance opportunities
Concerts: Exams: AMEB exam preparation and competition preparation
Playing confidently in a solo or ensemble
String technique (setup, posture, sound production, intonation etc.)
Practice routines
Sight reading
Interval and ear training
Performance repertoire
Playing various musical styles (classical, pop, jazz etc.)

Our violin teachers

We pride ourselves on having a team of dedicated, caring and talented teachers. See available teachers.
Active performing musician
Trained at teaching kids and adults
Can teach all genres including jazz, classical and contemporary styles

Bookings and Payments:

  • * For the first lesson, you’re welcome to pay as a one-off before you decide to continue thereafter.
  • * All lessons are pre-paid in either 5 week or 10 week blocks. This excludes casual lessons. This will be your permanent time the following week and thereafter unless you notify us of any cancellations/changes. We run in accordance to the NSW Public School terms (
  • * All lessons within school terms must be completed. However, students are entitled to 1 make-up lesson for every 5 week package purchased per NSW school term (with compliance to our cancellation policy). Late arrivals will run into lesson time.

Course Curriculum

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