Future Stars

Workshop information

• Recommended for ages 10+
• 1 hour blocks minimum (3 hours max.)
• Studio recording/song writing session

In this song writing and recoding workshop, you will be able to bring your song idea to life! See how the pop superstars of today create their music and while you’re at it – create your own music! If you don’t have any starting ideas but would still really love to write a song, no problem! We have teachers that specialize in song writing to help you out, and will help you to create a song from the ground up while giving you information and tips on how to create music by yourself.

Writing your own song and recording it is a very satisfying thing to do. Not only can it be very fun and educational, it also is a very important aspect of having a career in music. Being able to experience what it’s like in a studio environment recording and creating music is a great way to prepare you for your musical future.

You will be working with professional audio engineers and session musicians that are qualified teachers that will help you every step of the way!

Do I need to be able to play an instrument to be able to do this workshop?

Not at all! We are happy to help create a song with you and show you the experience of how musicians do it. All you will need is your own voice to sing your awesome song that we create together!

How long will it take to complete a song?

Usually a song from scratch will take 2 hours, which can be either completed in one session, or split into two 1 hour sessions. If you wish to do additional songs or try a more complex project, feel free to talk to our teachers and they will be happy to create an arrangement!

Skills Covered

During this song writing workshop, students will also gain valuable information and insight into how music is created in a professional setting, preparing them for their future music careers.

what its like in a studio environment
Teamwork skills
How to use garage band
How to create and mix audio files, and understand MIDI
How to enhance their song ideas whether it be lyrical or instrumental
Song writing skills
Learning musical forms

What styles of music can we create?

Any style of music you like! Our teachers are well adversed in the music industry having experience from a variety of backgrounds which include:


What do I get at the end of the workshop?

Along with learning some of the ins and outs of what its like in a recording session, you will also take home with you:

• High quality WAV file emailed/USB of the mastered final song
• A CD of the final song with a custom graphic CD case cover, which could include green-screened backgrounds.