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What is STEM Class?

STEM stands for “Science + Technology + Engineering + Mathematics”. Science and new technology is infrastructure for our future development. It will significantly change people’s life in the coming decades. We need to align our scientific effort to the national interest, especially to our next generation. Focus on areas of particular importance or need, e.g. artificial intelligence and do it on a scale that will make a difference to Australia and also changing the world.

STEM: Australia’s Future focuses on:

Building competitiveness
Supporting high quality education and training
Maximizing research potential
Strengthening international engagement

Artificial intelligence is the hot subject on this time in the computer science. Due to advancement in artificial intelligence, our universe is smarter day by day. Today, we can see everything operating itself, without direct operation of human. We are travelling in a train without manual driver, we are in a shopping center and we pay money to the machine. This is all application of artificial intelligence. A machine is said to be intelligent, if it can operate independently like human. It can think and act like human. Another application of artificial intelligence is robot. A robot is a machine, maybe a playing tool or anything that can operate itself without manual operating system. Robotics is a significant part of our daily life. We are living in smart city, sensor networked city. These are all robots possess. A robot is a machine which has software enabled to do specific tasks. Robot is a part of modern life. Thus, teaching robotics in school level is a part of making students giving fundamental knowledge of artificial intelligence and intelligent society.

Benefits of learning STEM

Benefit and application of robotics are increasing day by day. It is one of the mostly researched topics in computer science as well. In other words, knowledge in robotics or other smart networked devices is one of the fundamental parts of living in 21st century life. If students in their young age can be familiar with these topics, it may be very helpful for them to cope up with day-to-day use of machines and adapt to artificially intelligent society. They may feel easy to use various devices. It may be helpful for students to enter in the field of artificial intelligence as a part of their study, research and field of specialization. There is an extra benefit to students for their higher level of education. After master this, they will have the power of changing the future world!

What’s covered in STEM lessons?

Learning STEM practically needs some theory part of artificial intelligence. Below is the outline of our STEM lessons:

Introduction to AI and Robotics
How mathematics is most important of robotics
Example of simple robot
Setting up environment for a simple toy robot
Setting up for an advance robot
Group work to make a project in robotics

Lesson Time:

Fridays 5pm – 7pm, Sundays 8am – 10am, 10am – 12pm, 12:30pm – 2:30pm

Bookings and Payments:

  • * For the first lesson, you’re welcome to pay as a one-off before you decide to continue thereafter.
  • * All lessons are pre-paid in either 5 week or 10 week blocks. This excludes casual lessons. This will be your permanent time the following week and thereafter unless you notify us of any cancellations/changes. We run in accordance to the NSW Public School terms (
  • * All lessons within school terms must be completed. However, students are entitled to 1 make-up lesson for every 5 week package purchased per NSW school term (with compliance to our cancellation policy). Late arrivals will run into lesson time.

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