Corporate Events / Team Building Events / Christmas Parties

Struggle to get new ideas for your corporate events, team building events or your company’s end of year celebrations / Christmas Parties? Why not trying out music events and parties? All Arts Academy offers on site and off site corporate concerts, music team building events and music Christmas parties. Provide your staffs with a brand new experience of these music events, let them breathe some fresh air outside of daily work environment, so that they could accumulate the new energy of working and improve the interpersonal skills. Well within your budget, get started now!

Corporate Concerts (off site in your venue):

This option includes a music concert conducted by our multi-talented All Arts Academy teachers. Apart from providing students with high quality musical education, our staffs are also excellent performers and entertainers that suit your needs. With the majority of our teachers coming from a rich musical background, they have the professional skills and experience to put on a great show for your company / group.

The corporate event concert on offer will include a range of different performances including Solo pieces and ensemble pieces with different instruments. Attendees will be able to enjoy an afternoon or evening of lustful live music along side a range of snacks and beverages to accompany the great vibe.

This mini concert is a great opportunity to break from a busy and tedious week / month / year and to loosen up with a few drinks and possibly a few dance moves to get fresh energy and get in touch with your colleagues. Throughout the event you will be able to meet the All Arts Academy team and discuss about the topic of music and performances. Overall it will be a fun afternoon / evening of music, snacks and dancing.

Mini Music Team Building Event (on site at All Arts Academy):

Besides from performing and entertaining, our talented music teachers are specialists when it comes to teaching music, thriving to conduct fun and structured lessons. This is a great opportunity for your staffs to have brand new team building activities and also learn some musical knowledge / skills from our professional music teachers.

Whether you have been playing music for years or have never touched an instrument before, by the end of this seminar, you will not only be able to pick up an instrument of your choice, but also have the required ensemble skills to perform a small piece in a band.

Attendees will be split into groups of different instruments, allowing an All Arts Academy teacher whom specializes in teaching the specific instrument to teach you the basics of your chosen instrument. Drummers will be able to maintain a steady rock beat along side a vocabulary of fills and rudiments that they will be able to play. Guitarists will be able to play necessary notes and chords alongside a few expressive techniques that will be taught during the seminar. Pianists will understand the fundamentals of the instrument and be able to play basic chords to a beat provided by percussionists. This is a great way to expand your musical knowledge / skills and to have some fun re-creating a piece music from scratch in a team building atmosphere.

Even if you have never picked up an instrument, our teachers thrive to teach you the basics of musical theory and how each instrument is played. Altogether, this option is a great opportunity to take a step into the musical world and to learn necessary skills and techniques to play an instrument of your choosing, whether you have past knowledge of an instrument or a complete beginner, these fresh team building events will be designed to effectively refine or begin your musicality.

All Arts Academy can also provide video recording and catering needs or lunch / dinner booking service after the team building events, make your whole journey unforgettable.

Songwriting / Recording Team Building Event (on site at All Arts Academy):

Being able to play a tune with instruments is only one part of a complete music, the other two parts involve writing lyrics and recording your creations. With this option, team members will be able to learn useful skills and techniques when required to write lyrics for a piece of music by themselves.

Our experienced teachers at All Arts Academy will be able to assist attendees with coming up with words to sing over a chosen Pop song, not only guiding you through the song writing process, but also help devise a structure to your own lyrics. Following that, team members will be invited into the recording room to record your own lyrics with our experiences recording engineers, whom will mix and master all the vocals for a refined final product.

The lyrics will be sung over a backing track of an already existing tune so there will be no need for any instrumental knowledge in this section, all that’s needed is your beautiful voice and your creativity for coming up with the lyrics. Overall, this session will ultimately help building your song writing and composition skills, further more allowing team members to be more cooperative working in a team environment.

All Arts Academy can also provide video recording and catering needs or lunch / dinner booking service after the team building events, make your whole journey unforgettable.