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Other Languages Lessons

Australia, being a multicultural society has much room for people to learn many other languages in order to learn and share the cultures and history of other countries. Learning the other languages not only provides a deeper understanding of different cultures and a fuller appreciation of it as a part of our society, but also provides huge advantages if you want to travel or even do business with other countries. Learning a language is not just a one-time thing. It is something that we will carry throughout our entire lives and by doing so will open many opportunities for us in the future! Here at All Arts Academy, we offer lessons that fit every level and age. We offer one on one lessons as well as group conversational classes to best suit you and your learning style!

Strengths for learning a second language:

Feel connected in a fast paced world! With constant technological advances it is apparent that learning a second language to communicate will be essential as we progress into the future.
Learning one language will make it easier to learn more languages.
Improves memory and increases attention span.
Bilingual students tend to score higher on standardized tests especially in the areas of vocabulary, reading and maths.
Boosts creativity.
Improves self-confidence.

What’s covered in the lessons?

Conjugation of verbs.
Writing & reading tasks.
Speaking & listening tasks.
Cultural history & tradition
Creative tasks such as poster making, mask making, role-plays etc.

Our teachers:

Native speakers only
Qualified and experienced
Trained at teaching children and adults
Can teach all levels of students

Language lessons on offer:

Chinese (see Mandarin lessons)

Bookings and Payments:

  • * For the first lesson, you’re welcome to pay as a one-off before you decide to continue thereafter.
  • * All lessons are pre-paid in either 5 week or 10 week blocks. This excludes casual lessons. This will be your permanent time the following week and thereafter unless you notify us of any cancellations/changes. We run in accordance to the NSW Public School terms (
  • * All lessons within school terms must be completed. However, students are entitled to 1 make-up lesson for every 5 week package purchased per NSW school term (with compliance to our cancellation policy). Late arrivals will run into lesson time.

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